Human Rights

The state should under no circumstance require a mask or other covering be placed between my nose/mouth and the sky.

THE BLANKET POLICY of mandatory masking interferes with our right to breathe oxygen (especially for a virus that has an extremely low death rate).  Masks have been proven to decrease oxygen, build up our exhaled toxic waste, are ineffective for virus protection, and are known to cause significant harm to health including weakening our immune system. The benefits of masks have been wildly exaggerated by public health officials. 

One-size-fits-all oppressive government mask mandates must stop!

The right to informed consent “which may be withdrawn at any time for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice” is being violated all day every day. 

We are not designed to inhale our own waste, and doing so can be extremely harmful.  The way to ensure that mask mandates stop is to encourage our legislators

1. to incorporate “right to breathe” language into existing law; or

2. to write and introduce “right to breathe” bills and get them signed into law. 

Liberty NOW is focused on this goal!

In the United States, the Constitution provides the backbone for the freedoms enjoyed by all. Our individual freedoms and rights are guaranteed and set forth in The Bill of Rights. We have created civil rights protections for certain classes of people. It is through ardent fighting that minority groups have earned protected status. Each minority has had to fight, and still has to fight, to end discrimination against them.

Liberty NOW will encourage legislators to amend civil rights laws. We will work with legislators to spearhead bills that create a protected class for an individual’s right to make medical decisions for the self and minor children. Including medical choice in civil rights law will make illegal any and all discrimination and segregation based on medical status. 

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