Freedom of Religion is the First Freedom listed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Faith, and the free exercise of religion, are absolutely essential.

 In recent years, the government (secular state) has been chipping away at existing religious liberties. In many states, during 2000 and 2021, places of worship were repeatedly told they were “not essential” by the government. The doors to houses of worship were closed to the faithful. Liquor stores were essential, but places of worship were not essential.  This must change immediately.

Faith, and the free exercise of religion, are essential, yet during lockdown measures many of the faithful were left without access to their houses of worship. For many, when services were reestablished, congregations met online, creating great and unnecessary distance between the altar of worship, faith leaders, and fellow congregants.

We call for zero tolerance on all restrictions of existing religious liberty by the secular state, including the labeling of houses of faith as “non-essential” as well as removing religious exemptions to vaccines.  We encourage and support legislators who introduce bills that support the right to follow your faith when contemplating injectable immune stimulants and gene therapies.

Government Says Religion is Non-Essential, March, 2020

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